People's minds are overloaded with information.

I was constantly reading scripts and go ‘When are they gonna kiss? Are they ever gonna kiss?’

— Allen Leech about Sybil x Branson scenes (x)

lovegwendoline: Thank you for a fantastic Wimbledon @BazaarUK @RalphLauren #Wimbledon2014 What fun!! X 


You’re not going to convince me alcohol wasn’t involved here. (1, 2, 3)

"I want to remember her mother whenever I look at her."

Make me choose dorkout asked: Tom Branson or Bom Transon?

Downton Abbey - S5 First Look

i love when people say my name cause its like hey thats me

Downton Abbey x technology pt. 2


Allen Leech with puppy. (X)

You’re welcome.


Screencap Meme In Fear + Bruised & Battered

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